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A Book A Day...

Reading daily can help with so many things in your life.

Reading is essential! Research tells us that in Mississippi, 1 in every 5 adults has low literacy skills. In some cases, literacy issues in children are inherited by adults who suffer from the same problem. In many cases, this can be changed by simply being consistent with reading and doing activities that promote literacy. There are sites that offer free and/or discounted literacy activities. I will be posting books and activities for the summer for all ages. Stay Tuned


Here are a few more statistics about literacy and its importance. Click the link to read more.

  • 43 million US adults possess low literacy skills.

  • People aged 15–44 in the US spend 10 minutes or less per day reading.

  • 27% of adults in the US didn’t read a book in 2018.

  • The United States literacy rate positions the country as number 28 in the World Factbook.

  • 6 additional minutes of reading per day can significantly improve kids’ reading performance.

  • Children who read at least 20 minutes a day are exposed to almost 2 million words per year.

  • One out of every five children in the UK can’t read at a satisfactory level by age 11.

  • Reading could help reduce mental decline in old age by up to 32%.

  • Reading fiction can make you a better decision-maker.

  • Reading increases emotional intelligence, and consequently, your career outlooks.

88% of financially successful people read at least 30 mins per day. In his book, Change Your Habits, Change Your Life, Tom Corley writes about the 5-year study in which he interviewed a host of self-made millionaires about their daily habits. He concluded that reading was a key factor in their success

Among many U.S. children, reading for fun has become less common, federal data shows.

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