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Summer Reading: What will you read?

Here Are a Few Reading Suggestions for Your Summer

Pre-K to 12th Grade

Summer is here and it's time to find new adventures within books. Reading is important to the intellectual growth of children and doing activities along with each book will allow you to better comprehend what the author is saying. Let's not forget to enjoy it though! Whether it's a comic book or novel; cookbook or magazine, let's find a little joy when we read. Try reading both nonfiction and fiction books this summer. Choose books that you have some interest in. There are millions of books in different genres. Below are a few suggestions.

Check out the summer reading list from Jackson Public School District and stay tuned for more suggestive reads

Things to consider while reading...

  1. Ask questions throughout the story. This allows your child to engage the story at a deeper level.

  2. Do Story Elements. Have your child talk about the setting, main character(s), the beginning, middle, and end of the story, the problem, and the solution.

  3. Do Activities. Coloring, work sheets, and worksheets are great ways for the child to engage with the story on different levels. You can focus on new words learned, do perspective activities, and even create a story that responds to the story read.

  4. Make It FUN. Occasionally, read a cookbook, comic book, or magazine. Recreate what you read. Cookbooks allow the child to look at math in a different way. It also allows you to discuss weight (which ingredient is heavier), differences (sugar vs flour; liquid vs solids), and shapes. Comic books and magazines allow are child to be creative. Have your child draw and/or write something. take pictures and attach a story. This helps your child process information in a creative way better understanding story elements and making a complete thought.

Keep It FUN!

Remember to keep it fun! Reading should never feel like work. Maybe sketch out reading times throughout the day to read as a family. Make it a game or downtime to relax the mind.

Don't forget to engage your child with whatever they are reading.


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